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March 12, 2017 Series: Joseph, A Man For All Ages

Topic: Joseph, A Man For All Ages Passage: Genesis 40:23–40:23

When you consider the space between Gen. 40:23, “Joseph forgotten,” and Gen. 41:1, “and after two years,” how would you fill in the space if asked to write something? What would be your perception of those two years in Joseph’s life? What would you expect to write about yourself if you were Joseph? It would not be easy to do, because between these two verses we have the real maturing of Joseph. What is equally important is that we have a lesson that every believer needs to learn in order to live a victorious Christian life.

• Binding chains
• God does not forget
• Three lessons
   1. Stop trusting men!
   2. Let disillusionment with man turn you to the love and faithfulness of God
   3. Wait for God

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