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JOY, No Matter What

April 15, 2018 Speaker: Craig Malcolm Series: JOY, No Matter What

Topic: Philippians

Any Christian who is feeling down or discouraged about anything should study Paul’s great letter to the Philippians. This is true because of Paul’s circumstances when he wrote it. He had been kept in prison for two years in Caesarea, without trial, and he was being held for an unknown amount of time in Caesar’s jail in Rome. He had survived a perilous storm on the Mediterranean Sea. He had been deserted by most of his friends. Others, even Christian leaders, had spoken against him, hoping to get him in even more trouble with the government. He was facing possible execution for his faith. Terrible! Yet no book in the Bible is so filled with joy as Philippians.

What was Paul’s secret? How could he remain joyful in such circumstances? We will find out over the next several weeks as we look deep into the heart and motivation of this great apostle.

  • The mind of Paul
  • The secret of true joy
  • The mind of Christ
  • The mind of you (me)

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