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Into the Promised Land: Our God Goes Before Us

March 24, 2019 Series: Joshua

Passage: Joshua 3:1–3:6

  1. The ark of the covenant (Testimony)
    1. Signified the presence of God with His chosen people
    2. Was holy
    3. Was not a magic talisman (to be idolized)
    4. Represented Christ going before us to die in our place and be raised again from the dead
  2. Israel crosses the Jordan River
    1. The crossing of the Jordan River was a supernatural event
    2. The crossing of the Jordan was a miraculous event
    3. The crossing of the Jordan River was a historical event
    4. The crossing of the Jordan by the children of Israel signified the beginning of God’s judgment on the Canaanites
  3. The Memorial Stones
    1. Why was there the need for a memorial?
    2. Because God knows that we are prone to forget His goodness and mighty acts on our behalf
  4. The second generation circumcised
    1. Reinstituted the sign of the Abrahamic covenant
    2. Prepared the people to inherit God’s blessing
  5. The Commander of the army of the Lord