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Into the Promised Land: Sin in the Camp - Defeat at Ai

April 7, 2019 Series: Joshua

Passage: Joshua 7:1–7:5

I.The Cause of sin in the camp

  1. I saw…
  2. I coveted…
  3. I took…
  4. Achan succumbed to temptation
  5. Achan disobeyed God’s command

II.The Consequence of sin in the camp

  1. The Blessings on obedience to God’s Word
  2. The Curses on Disobedience to God’s Word

III.The Confession of sin in the camp

IV.The Cure for sin in the camp

  1. Faith and trust in Jesus Christ for one’s salvation
  2. The indwelling Spirit of Jesus Christ
  3. Love God and keep His commandments
  4. Love one another
  5. Faithful obedience in keeping God’s Word