Sunday Worship at 10:15am

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 We are collecting items for the homeless and victims of violence (year round). The following items are needed (place items in the Recieving Grace Room (choir room behind the stage):

Food Items: (please check expiration dates) one can meals: chili, beef stew, Spagettios, spaghetti & meatballs, canned chicken & tuna, Vienna sausages, chunky soups, pork & beans, chicken broth & juice.

Clothing Items For Women: New only : sweatshirts & sweatpants, T-shirts, sports bras ALL Sizes, underwear sizes 4-10 & socks.

Items for the Homeless: (can be gently used) blankets, tarps, 2-3 person tents, sleeping bags, candles long taper, flashlights & batteries, towels.

 Other Items Needed: New Only: deodorant, hair gel, African-American hair supplies, body wash, perfume, body spray, hair brushes, tooth paste & tooth brushes, liquid soap, plastic silverware.