Join us sundays at 10:15 AM

Men of the Word: Empowering Men in Faith and Leadership

Mission: Men of the Word is dedicated to glorifying God by empowering men to fulfill their divinely appointed roles as leaders in the home, church, and the world. We achieve this through:
Biblical Instruction: Guiding men in understanding and living the teachings of the Bible.
Personal Discipleship: Fostering individual spiritual growth and development.
Genuine Fellowship: Encouraging meaningful connections among men.
Spiritual Accountability: Promoting responsibility in faith and actions.

Philosophy: Inspired by Psalm 119:11 – “Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You” – we believe in the transformative journey from knowledge to wisdom. This journey, a mere 18 inches from head to heart, is where God’s word reshapes our actions and fosters Christlike change. The true application of Biblical truths isn't simple; it demands communal support, encouragement, and accountability, especially when confronting shared challenges and conflicts.

Regular Ministries:

  • Men’s Bible Study: Join us every Sunday at 6:00 PM for insightful scripture discussions.
  • Men’s Breakfast: Invite a friend to our monthly gathering every third Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM in the Fellowship Hall. Enjoy breakfast, fellowship, and engaging conversations about life and faith.
  • Men’s Basketball: (Details Coming Soon) A relaxed and friendly atmosphere for fellowship and basketball. Stay tuned for more information!