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Grace Fellowship Church Music Ministry: Harmonizing Faith Through Worship

At Grace Fellowship Church, our Music Ministry is passionately committed to glorifying God by offering music that is scripturally rich and centered on His character and deeds. Our music is carefully chosen to help prepare the hearts of our congregation to receive the Word of God.

Worship Team: Our Worship Team leads the way in magnifying the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We skillfully blend God’s Word with music, motivating the church to proclaim the gospel, cherish God's presence, and live for His glory. The team comprises several dedicated worship leaders who guide the congregation in heartfelt worship through song, encouraging everyone, regardless of age, to participate in congregational singing.

Sound Team: The Sound Team at Grace Fellowship Church plays a vital role in supporting our worship services. Their dedication ensures that every aspect of our worship—from singing and meeting to praying and hearing God's Word—is enhanced and accessible. Their expertise in managing sound, lights, videos, and presentation slides is essential to leading people through our worship services seamlessly.

Participate and Serve: We invite those who feel called to join our Music Ministry. Whether you are a singer, musician, or have technical skills in sound and multimedia, your talents can find a home here.
To express your interest in joining our ministry, please fill out our “SERVE” form located under the “CONNECT” section of our website. Become a part of our Music Ministry at Grace Fellowship Church, and help us in our mission to lead our church in authentic and spirit-filled worship